Impacts and Achievements

Dove Project

Many individuals are not convinced of how incredibly difficult the battle for educational freedom was until they have witnessed the Dove Project.  It is a project meant to create a visual recollection of the many untold stories of segregation from the point of view of the victims.  Numerous narrative experiences and interviews have been captured with detailed description to provide a meaningful explanation of what actually occurred.  Old Dominion University Libraries is currently attempting to identify, locate, and preserve all of the records that document Virginia school’s desegregation. Sonia Yaco, the projects manager of the Dove Project, captured sixty-six different important views from Virginia’s desegregation in areas all around the state.

Little Rock Nine Foundation

This is a non-profit organization that is focused on excellence in education for young people of color. Its goal is to make sure younger generations do not have to expend the same kind of energy to acquire an education that the Little Rock Nine had to. “By providing financial support for students, urging local and national governmental bodies to maintain high quality systems of instruction, convening forums to discuss and debate questions related to educational delivery systems, and coordinating the publication of materials designed to inform the citizenry about the needs in this arena, we will help make it possible for students of color to reach their educational goals.”

The Little Rock Nine Foundation established a scholarship and mentoring program. The recipient is decided based upon eligibility requirements and an essay contest. The program requires that the recipients will mentor other students, which will continue the cycle of giving back to the community and positively impacting other students.


Little Rock Nine Foundation


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